Adriana Leon: Do I Care About What’s Going On Around Me Right Now?

US tennis star feels some people don’t want Black players to succeed

After she lost to Serena Williams in the final of the Australian Open this year, a question popped into Adriana Leon’s head: Do I care about what’s going on around me right now?

As she said in an interview with NPR, after her first-round match against a fellow American, “for me, personally, I don’t give a s—”

Her response to that question is a reflection of her feelings about a current divide in the tennis world that seems to be only growing stronger.

Black tennis players are often forced to play second fiddle to their whiteness, and they often struggle to even get on court at all. It’s not really clear what has changed, but according to Leon, if there’s one thing she’d like to see change, it’s this.

“I’d just like some Black guys and girls who are on the pro circuit to step up more,” she said. “That’s what I personally would like to see changed, and that’s just what I see in our sport.”

The idea that black tennis players can’t succeed simply because they’re black is an idea that is rarely heard, but Leon’s comments are worth noting in light of the ongoing racial divide in tennis today.

After her first round loss to Williams this year, Adriana Leon took to Facebook to explain the reasons why she didn’t feel good that day.

Leon wrote: “Today is a very personal day for me. And, it’s always weird to lose a match and have the people I love most in the world call me a liar on national television. For those of you who don’t know me… I’m Adeline. I’m a tennis player. I’m a Black tennis player. I’ve always been a tennis player, because I love to play, and this sport has always been to me, and will always be, the most important thing I will ever do. I don’t hate it, nor do I resent this moment. I can’t hate this moment because the feeling of loss is just so raw. We are not who we are, and it is just impossible to

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