Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon isn’t a fan of conservative customers

Rubio calls out Chase CEO Jamie Dimon over concerns the financial giant is targeting conservatives

Trevor Noah talks to one of the chief executives of Chase Bank, saying he is “worried” that they are targeting conservative customers.

“This is a good thing,” said Republican consultant Adam Levitin, who noted that they are usually more aggressive in firing workers if they don’t get along with the boss.

“We need to be more aggressive when they treat people badly,” Levitin said.

Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says “we have an extremely strong culture and the way we run things is in the DNA” and “we believe in treating people the way we want to be treated.”

“I can’t speak for the bank, but I’m very comfortable with the team, with the culture,” said Dimon, according to a New York Times report.

The news that Dimon is not a fan of the bank’s customer base is certainly not a secret.

Dimon told employees in an internal memo that the bank is “not necessarily a bank you want to do business with” because of its high-risk lending.

He also allegedly sent out “hundreds” of emails about this very policy, which was in fact a tactic employees used to save their jobs.

The bank is under heavy pressure from Democratic senators and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is investigating whether the bank is targeting customers who rely on conservative values.

The bank, however, says it is not going into an over-aggressive mindset.

For example, a Chase employee recently told employees that he didn’t think they should send out an email to a customer regarding his loan if he was a Democrat.

Dimon fired his boss over the same issue.

“We don’t want to create a paper trail of the people that we’ve fired,” the employee said.

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“You have to be in your shoes at any moment to know that there are people who are against you,” said Levitin

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