David Berkowitz, CEO of Match.com, is fighting against Texas’ new abortion law

Why the C.E.O. Behind Match.com and Tinder Took a Stand on the Texas Abortion Law and Paid Out to the Pro-Abort Union

The CEO of Match.com, a dating website that allows members to search for dates and couples based on their compatibility, says the company is against the state of Texas’ new abortion bill. His stance is no coincidence: the match.com CEO is David Berkowitz, who used to be the co-founder of a notorious neo-Nazi group, was convicted of conspiring to use the Internet to facilitate murder, and in 2006 was one of five defendants who won an acquittal in a highly publicized case against Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, who was accused of planning to kill Jews.

The CEO of a dating website is fighting against this state’s new anti-abortion law, which would have banned abortion procedures performed in state clinics. So I guess that means his company’s CEO agrees with the neo-Nazi Andrew Auernheimer and the five anti-abortion defendants in the highly publicized trial.

How can that be? I thought we were all supposed to be outraged by anti-abortion activists like Mark Collette and the Texas lawmakers who pushed the bill. And in other words, I thought that David Berkowitz, who once called himself a “Christian Zionist” and founded a group with a swastika patch on its arm to promote the Nazi cause, is a hypocrite:

One of the things David Berkowitz says the men behind the Texas bill don’t realize is that in the 1970s, Berkowitz founded an anti-abortion group called Christian Zionists for Israel, where he would regularly espouse anti-Semitic views. But during a 2004 trial, prosecutors alleged that Berkowitz met with an unnamed accomplice to shoot someone and was planning to kill Jewish targets for the group. Berkowitz’s lawyer, Robert C. Brack, argued that his client was only in the group to “maintain his Jewish identity.” Brack argued that his client had been the most likely of the group to actually do something. Prosecutors, on the other hand, argued that Berkowitz had a long history of anti-

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