Delta Drops International Business Class on European Airlines

American Airlines dropping international first class for more business class seats on flights to Europe

The announcement was accompanied with a new service from the Dallas-based carrier, but it does not represent the largest increase in international first class on international flights.

U.S. airlines are gradually changing how they allocate first class seats in the hope of lowering fares and increasing passenger satisfaction. For example, some U.S. carriers offer full-fare premium economy cabin seats.

A spokesperson for U.S. airlines said it would be premature to speculate on the impact of Delta’s latest announcement to drop the international first class seat offering. The spokesperson said Delta has not made a decision on the decision and will do its due diligence, and will update customers on an as-needed basis.

“We’ve been discussing how we can best serve our customers,” the spokesperson said. “We have no plans to make any changes to our premium economy plan or our premium economy product offerings.”

The airlines’ desire to improve customer satisfaction led Delta to drop international first class on many flights around the world.

In March, Delta removed International Business Class on flights from eight European cities. Now, Delta’s move to drop International Business Class on many flights from Europe will have an impact on all airlines flying to Europe.

Airlines that fly to Europe and other points in Europe now have to buy international first class to avoid a steep hike in ticket prices.

A Delta spokesperson said that Delta will continue to offer all of its premium economy and business class options on U.S.-based flights.

“Delta will continue to put customers first and provide quality service and choice in the skies,” the spokesperson said.

Delta said U.S. passengers are not affected by this decision, as U.S.-based passengers will continue to enjoy all premium economy and business class options. The spokesperson said the carrier is continuing to evaluate the impact, and the decision will not be made

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