Egor Gerassimov will play in the French Open in June

Russian teenager banned from tennis for nine months following anti-doping breach at tournament

A Russian teenager was barred from tennis for nine months and fined $10,000 after testing positive for cocaine at a French Open event in 2017, it has emerged.

Egor Gerassimov, 18, from St. Petersburg, was serving as an official at Roland Garros’s clay-court tournament when the cocaine was found in his system and he was banned from competition for three years.

The teenager’s family have said Gerassimov denied using drugs and tested positive because of an “inadvertent mistake.”

But according to reports in France’s La Voix du Nord newspaper and the French Tennis Federation, the teenager was punished for “inadvertent mistake” after refusing to sign a form to certify he had used no illegal drugs during his three-day stay at the clay-court tournament.

“They told him this was a mistake and signed the form, even though it was already done,” his father, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Times newspaper.

A report in the Sun newspaper said Gerassimov was only asked to sign the form twice during his stay.

“He is ashamed of what happened,” the father reportedly said. “There are people at the tournament who were waiting for him.”

A spokesperson for French Tennis Federation, who declined to comment on the case, said Gerassimov’s punishment had been reviewed and that he had been “reversed” after it was discovered he had not used drugs.

“The commission decided to reverse the decision after the positive test was discovered,” the spokesperson told the BBC.

The teenager’s mother, who declined to be named, told the Times: “I don’t know whether he will be banned again for life, if he never plays tennis again.”

Gerassimov has appealed his ban, and will be allowed to play in the French Open in June, the family has said.

The teenager’s father, who still lives in Russia, said: “When someone

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