France’s Constitutional Reforms May Not Go Through

Haitian politician shot dead, as violent gangs push country to the ‘edge of collapse’ French police are on alert for possible additional attacks in Paris, with the city’s airport under lockdown

French police are on alert for possible additional attacks in Paris, with the city’s airport under lockdown.

Paris saw numerous terrorist attacks, including the attacks in Bastille Day 2001, during this period.

More than 300,000 people in France have been displaced in recent years, as a result of Islamist-inspired violence.

France, which has been at war in Syria for two years, has been unable to halt the flow of refugees into the country. Around a quarter of the refugees come via Greece.

At least 12 people were killed and 13 others injured in the Paris attacks, according to media reports. One attacker was said to have died after police stormed a Paris suburb.

The country is currently preparing a referendum on the country’s upcoming constitution, which is expected to be voted on in September.

However, the constitutional reform may not go through, as the government has not been able to sell the proposed changes to the public.

As previously reported, the first polls suggest that a big majority of the country agrees with French President Francois Hollande, who wants to hold an election sometime before spring 2017, according to French media.

France’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has also said that a vote on the proposed changes would be held in the autumn.

The leader of a political party that supports the reforms has also told CNN that his party will not put forward a candidate to run in the vote.

In a statement, the party of French presidential candidate Francois Fillon said that he did not believe that he would be elected.

The poll was conducted by TNS Sofres, a poll research firm, on behalf of the Association of European Pollsters.

The survey was carried out from July 31 to August 10, 2013, of 1,000 people in France.

TNS Sofres’ data indicates that the French government has a two-point lead over the opposition in the first round, with only a

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