Hugo Soto-Martnez, Los Angeles City Council Candidate

Endorsement: Hugo Soto-Martínez for Los Angeles City Council District 13 (District 13 is held by incumbent David Ryu)

Exhibit A:

Hugo Soto-Martínez (born 1980) is a public affairs consultant, political analyst, and former candidate for Los Angeles City Council.

Education: Doctor of Public Affairs, University of San Diego, 2017

Exhibit B:

Soto-Martínez is a lifelong resident of the city, having lived in the Pacific Palisades community since 1996 and La Puente since 2003. His current home is in the La Puente neighborhood. He is married to the author Ana Belleta and the couple have four children. Soto-Martínez has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University, and a graduate degree in urban planning and sociology from UCLA.

“The City of Los Angeles, especially District 13, is known as a liberal stronghold. This election will be a test of whether liberals are willing to work with the administration rather than against it,” Soto-Martínez said. “I believe my time in District 13 has been well spent and I look forward to working with [candidate] David Ryu and his team.”

Soto-Martínez’s work during his time is focused on “advancing local business interests, engaging in social justice initiatives within the community and improving the quality of life of residents.”

While it is uncertain what role Soto-Martínez will play during Ryu’s term, the candidate has been vocal in his plans to expand the city’s homeless services. Soto-Martínez ran and lost in the City Council race for District 13 in 2013. He served as a board member for the nonprofit Coalition for Homeless Assistance, along with his wife Ana Belleta and their children, in addition to serving as a candidate, as well as a spokesperson for the nonprofit.

While Soto-Martínez is not directly affiliated with Ryu’s campaign, he is a former adviser to the Councilman, who also serves as the former mayor of the city

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