Javier Guerrero is on the run from the feds for allegedly doing cocaine

Guerrero: Kevin de León’s bid for sympathy digs a deeper hole in his image than any of his past allegations

Javier Guerreroyo, 25, and his partner, who has not been charged, were arrested Friday in connection with alleged drug trafficking

Authorities said they found $2 million in cash and drugs during their search of their home and their car

Guerrero made headlines in 2010 after he was identified as one of the players on the ‘Bambino de Luna’ drug squad at the time

While his arrest was greeted with relief by fans and some in the media, some are asking whether it’s a ‘time for Kevin de León to go’

Javier Guerrero’s past has been nothing but bad news since he first took to the baseball diamond in the Dominican Republic.

Since his first full season in the professional game – and his first full season in the big leagues – his life hasn’t been perfect.

Guerrero was one of the most sought-after players available when he signed with the Dodgers in 2006 but went through a year of rehab and was back in the majors just before the 2008 season when he signed a $75 million long-term contract.

Now he’s on the run from the feds for allegedly doing cocaine and, according to his attorney, is in the process of divorcing his wife and has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend and verbally abusing his father.

Despite a lot of things that went wrong, Guerrero still has a devoted following of fans who believe that, despite the bad end to his time in the game, he could still become a quality major league player.

Some call him ‘Bambino’ and say he is the second coming of the ‘Bambino’ dynasty that powered the Dodgers in the 1980s and ’90s. He is ‘the next Mariano Rivera,’ they say.

Then there are those who wonder why he waited until his 20’s to sign his huge deal, and those who question his mental and emotional state.

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