Kim Kardashian West is not entitled to the $14 million she demanded in a lawsuit

Camille Vasquez and her law firm reportedly aren’t representing Kanye West anymore. (Photo: Getty Images)

A California bankruptcy judge on Friday ruled that celebrity lawyer, celebrity bankrupt, and former West Coast rapper Kim Kardashian West is not legally entitled to the more than $14 million she demanded in a recent lawsuit.

Kim Kardashian West, 30, filed a $36 million lawsuit against her former publicist, Kim Tinsley, earlier this month alleging that Tinsley had leaked her personal information on social media, leading to the publication of a “scam” story about her that falsely claimed that she was married with one child.

The story, retitled “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” claimed that Tinsley took the couple on a Caribbean vacation, bought Tinsley a $2,500 Mercedes, and that Kardashian West was in a relationship with fellow West Coast rapper Tyga, according the complaint that Kardashian West filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

After the story was published, Kardashian West was allegedly “embarrassed and concerned” that her family had been made public and filed a $36 million lawsuit on April 10 against Tinsley and her then-fiancé Jonathan Slavin, who wrote the story, claiming that they had made false statements in the story about her and the couple’s alleged intimate relationship.

Kim Kardashian West’s legal team alleged that the “scam” story was published because Tinsley was obsessed with Kim Kardashian West, including the Kardashian’s daughter, Kulture, and that Tinsley “was trying to help them make money.”

Kim Kardashian West’s suit also complained that Tinsley’s alleged actions violated a non-disclosure agreement signed in 2006 by Kim Kardashian West and Slavin.

And, the suit alleged that Tinsley and Kardashian West’s former attorney, Kim Tinsley, filed a “scam” story about the Kardashian’s with The Hollywood Reporter in 2006 claiming the couple

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