Kurt and Michelle Broussard convicted of armed robbery and shooting of armored car guard

Two charged with shooting armored car guard, taking $140,000, may be linked to similar robberies

A couple faces a life sentence in connection to the armed robbery and shooting of a South Louisiana armored car guard last month.

Kurt and Michelle Broussard allegedly robbed John Broussard and his wife of $140,000, then shot and killed him as he stood guard in their driveway.

A month earlier, authorities say, the same couple robbed a different armored car and shot the driver and his passenger, then fled in stolen cars.

The Broussards’ first trial ended in a hung jury on February 10. Their second went to the judge, who declared the case a mistrial.

The case of Kurt and Michelle Broussard is one of at least 11 so far this year in which armed robbers have been convicted, after authorities say they either fled or eluded capture.

Each time, the Broussards received more than a dozen life sentences and were eligible for parole in decades.

Both were arrested Thursday. Michelle Broussard’s bond has been set at $1 million and her husband’s at $1 million.

Here’s how the Broussards came to be linked to the robberies.

John Broussard lived in a wealthy, gated neighborhood in Louisiana.

A former banker and real estate developer, he reportedly had amassed more than $20 million in the years before the armed robbery. Neighbors described him as quiet and friendly.

Kurt Broussard told CNN affiliate WVUE-TV that he and his wife had borrowed some money from the Broussards, but that they didn’t borrow any money from anyone else.

“It’s not like we’ve borrowed money from anyone or anything like that.”

According to the Broussards’ lawyer, Michelle Broussard has two young children living

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