Maryland’s First Black Democratic Party Chairman Wins Race for Chairman

Wes Moore, Black Democrats aiming to make Maryland history

Wes Moore, the state’s first Black Democratic Party chairman, hopes Maryland’s next chapter will be different.

“My message to the new party chairman is ‘don’t back down,'” Moore said. “We need to keep fighting for our community.”

Moore, who was elected the Democrats’ chairman for Maryland’s 4th Congressional District in June, said no one was in a better position to lead than himself.

“The past three weeks have been a challenge to put a strong message together and to have your organization represented the best way,” Moore said in an email.

The race is shaping up to be a battle between two major factions of Maryland’s Black Democratic Party, one composed of the traditional leaders and activists, and the other, led by Moore, which is focused on recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and then recruiting.

In the past week, several Black Democrats have decided to run for their party chairman positions in states around the country.

The Maryland race is important to the state’s Black Democrats because, for decades, the state party has served only as a back-room organization. Under Moore, it’s become a top leadership position.

“The stakes are much higher now,” said State Rep. Kweisi Mfume, the state party leader from the 3rd Congressional District, whose race is set for Sept. 12. “Black Democrats have decided to run for chairman and they see Wes as a true leader.”

Moore wants Maryland’s Black Democrats to see him as the top spokesperson. In a speech at the University of Baltimore last Friday, Moore urged the state party’s Black delegates to consider his race for top leadership a “game changer.”

“I want all of you to be a little nervous,” Moore said. “That’s not nervousness, that’s excitement.”

For Moore, his race is about more than winning. It’s also about building the Black Democratic Party in Maryland.

“I want Black Democrats who are involved in our state,” said Moore, who said he had no endorsements yet, “to say,

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