Pregnant star Alexis Bellino revealed she didn’t know her husband was gay

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“I married a girl so ugly she’d be ashamed of herself if she saw me in a picture”

The actress revealed she didn’t know her new husband was gay because she didn’t know about his private life as he was from a different country and wasn’t known publicly as gay.

“I was very surprised so I searched and found her Facebook page,” said Pregnant star Alexis Bellino.

“I was just surprised with the way she looked and her beauty but she also was very beautiful and funny so I don’t know what would’ve happened if I was her,” she said. “I was surprised she has a gay man.”

Her stunning girlfriend in the new movie The Wedding was not aware of the relationship.

“When you’re talking about relationships you don’t really know anything about each other,” she said. “It wasn’t like one night I met him and said ‘I love you’. It’s more like an on-and-off thing.

“We lived together in the same apartment but we had no conversations,” she said.

“And he didn’t know I was pregnant. So that was the first thing I did because I thought that maybe he would have wanted the baby.”

Pregnant star Alexis Bellino

Ms Bellino and her new husband are now married and have twin sons, and he said they are looking forward to bringing up their children.

“I’m very happy for him,” she said. “It was a long process.”

The actor, who also starred in the film The Wedding, said she had no idea about her husband’s sexuality until they were both on the set.

“That time I spoke to her about it and she told me it’s fine. When I spoke to her and her friend about it, I told her my partner is not gay and they are fine with it,” he said

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