Proposition 1 would make it illegal for women to get abortions through doctors

Democrats rally in Long Beach for abortion rights measure Proposition 1 passed in February that would have banned doctors from performing second-trimester abortions in the state. Now the measure is headed to the ballot, and the anti-abortion group that sponsored the measure says it is ready with its own.

Hassan said that if Proposition 1 were to pass, a physician who performs an abortion would be guilty of a crime punishable by a fine or jail time of up to one year.

“If they go to court and have to defend themselves, it’s going to be very costly, very time consuming, very expensive,” Hassan said.

In California, the crime carries a maximum sentence of five years.

When asked if the state will take action against any doctors who break the law, Hassan said, “If it’s criminal, it’s criminal.”

The new measure would also give pregnant patients the option of having abortions without reporting the incident to police.

Opponents of the measure said in a statement the bill “will not solve the underlying problem” of women not being able to have abortions because they are afraid to go to a hospital.

“The bill will only add one more barrier for these patients to having the option of legal abortion, and will not address the real issue of unlicensed physicians performing abortions,” the statement said.

The bill says that any doctor who performs an abortion without a license would be “guilty of a misdemeanor crime of false imprisonment.”

The measure defines a “midlevel abortion provider” as one who is an unlicensed physician and performs abortions that require counseling or medical assistance for those seeking terminations of pregnancy.

Hassan said the group behind Proposition 1 wants to make it illegal for women to get abortions through doctors at the end of their pregnancies.

Opponents of the measure say it’s not enough to outlaw a doctor, the group must also prosecute the woman.

“We want the law to be the same as this one,” Hassan said. “This is the true

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