Qatar Airways sends dozens of employees to the United States to help with air traffic control

Qatar unprepared for World Cup air traffic crush, report says

Doha (CNN) — Qatar’s air traffic control system is in “an extremely critical situation” until at least 2022, a report said.

It added that the lack of backup for the national airspace system has been a major contributing factor to the current situation.

CNN reported in an article published Monday that the ministry’s statement comes after it requested an emergency briefing by the United States and European Union over the matter, which the United States says is a “very serious” issue.

“The Qatari government is aware of the growing concern about the possible impact of the current situation on the growth of the international community here, so it has informed the relevant parties and will continue to do so,” the agency said.

“The Qatari government takes its air traffic control system and international cooperation and development very seriously and will do its utmost to ensure that any impact of the current situation on this part of the world is minimal.

“It also wishes to stress that the Qatari and International teams are working intensively together to address this and other current issues,” the statement said.

CNN called Qatar Airways with questions about the report on Monday but it refused to make any comment.

But in a statement on Monday it said that in the past week the airline had sent dozens of its employees to the United States to help in the effort to improve the international coordination for air traffic in the Gulf.

“The Qatari government will continue to work with international partners to prevent any further damage to its airspace,” a Qatari statement said.

“The cooperation and coordination among the international authorities responsible for air traffic control is an essential requirement to ensure the smooth flow of traffic over the Gulf region.

“As we have said, we will work with the relevant parties to ensure that all the efforts undertaken at the request of the Qatari government will be fully implemented and that the international community will continue to cooperate and strengthen the coordination among all parties working

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