Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Michael of Albany

‘She sat for him 12 times’: The Nigerian artist who made a bronze sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II has died at age 79, his family said.

Sheila Mbandu had completed the portrait of the 88-year-old monarch when she met Prince Michael of Albany for the first time in 2002-03, BBC Africa Report reports.

The artwork was commissioned by her mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, who died in 2002, aged 90.

“She sat for him 12 times. She had taken a picture of him once or twice on her mobile phone and she had to sit for him because he was a very tall man,” Sheila said, according to the BBC.

Image: The portrait, called King of England, was made by a former pupil

Her mother’s death had pushed Sheila to complete the artwork, which is a life-size bronze sculpture of the monarch, the BBC reports.

“She was sitting on the throne in the British Museum,” Sheila told the BBC.

Prince Michael of Albany, pictured in 2001 with his mother Princess Anne, became “King of England”

She later told the BBC that his mother’s death had made it easier for her to get to the British Museum, where the sculpture rests.

“The Queen never came to see the statue. She was not fond of it. She did not like it. But she went to see it when she passed away. And Michael and I went to see the statue and he said it was great,” she recalled, according to the BBC.

Image: Prince Michael of Albany

The portrait of the Queen, which was commissioned by Sheila Mbandu’s mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, is part of the collection of the British Museum.

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