Roger Federer and Sam Querrey are very lucky not to be in the same situation.

Novak Djokovic withdraws from the US Open. He is unvaccinated against Covid-19 and not allowed to receive a visa and enter the country. The official reason given is ‘unforeseen circumstances’. It is clear that the situation has a lot to do with politics and with the fear of a backlash if he returned to competition.

Djokovic was not the only top player to find out the hard way. Roger Federer came back from an illness, which almost cost him his match against Marin Cilic at the Australian Open. He made it to the fifth set, but didn’t play another set and lost. The same happened at Wimbledon with Sam Querrey.

Federer and Querrey are very lucky not to be in the same situation. They have to start from scratch. It is just the same for me. To do otherwise would be too selfish, and I don’t want to be selfish. That’s why I want to continue my career and be where I belong.

Federer has had a great recovery because the virus is very similar. This is normal and we should all follow his example. The first thing we have to do is self-isolate, which is very hard because we are all human.

If I was playing and wanted to return to competition, I had to pay everything back, the travel, the hotel, the food, my car and every payment.

So I couldn’t play for a long period. I played a couple of matches and that was enough. Federer has become more and more important. He is leading by a lot of points, he has a lot of fans and he has a huge amount of respect from everybody. I’m really happy that he is with me and I’m happy also that I could play with someone like him.

Federer played a match with his son, Bjorn, who is 14 this year. He is in the top 10 now but he is always trying to make his way back to the top.

I know that Federer is very upset, but I hope he will be okay soon. I have no bad feelings towards him. In fact

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