State Building Commission Approves $1,001,000 for a new roof and deck over the boardwalk

Queen Mary to get $1 million more in repairs ahead of reopening in Long Beach

The state is seeking more than $1 million for a new roof and deck over the boardwalk.

The State Building Commission approved $1,001,000 toward a new roof and deck at the Princess Theater in Long Beach on Thursday, May 26.

Commission president Richard F. Stebing said the money is money well spent, noting that the roof is “pretty much done and it’s ready to go.”

The state has approved $700,000 to fix cracked sidewalks and potholes at the Princess, which is expected to reopen as soon as this summer.

In other matters considered Thursday, San Onofre was granted a permit for the San Onofre Gas Treatment Plant expansion. The expansion will include the new treatment plant, which replaces a 40-year-old facility in San Marcos, and a three-track gas storage building. The project is expected to cost $42.5 million and be complete in 2018. The existing plant will remain in operation. The state said construction will begin this fall, and the plant will operate next summer.

Other items approved Thursday were changes to the Long Beach Master Plan. In a request for proposal issued to developers, the city said that changes are needed to the plan “to support growth in Long Beach.” One of the changes is that the city’s requirement of a minimum of 80 percent of a multi-family residential development to have green space is dropped, although it will still be required for all residential buildings. In the request, the city also said, “It’s important to understand that we have not made any policy changes in relation to parking. The City of Long Beach has not imposed a parking impact fee to slow the development of residential properties that have more parking than the minimum parking requirements in the Master’s Plan.”

In other matters, the state approved a change to Section 5.08 of the general plan with

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