The Bob Dylan Reader

Review: Bob Dylan’s new book is revealing, misogynistic and a special kind of bonkers

The new book, titled The Bob Dylan Reader, was released in the UK by HarperCollins and is the author’s first book since 2003. It’s an extended essay, a reading of the poet’s entire oeuvre with a list at the end to accompany each of his poems.

Dylan’s new reading is his version of “Gatsby” and he goes into great detail about his thoughts on the characters, their stories and their importance in pop culture. Dylan takes the audience through the characters’ lives and the characters’ stories, then discusses them a little more as he goes through the entire oeuvre.

The entire reading is about two hours long and is very well-researched. There are multiple audio versions and there are videos with commentary. It is a very important book but also a very important book to Dylan’s fans because it sheds light on how a lot of his work can be viewed through a number of points of view.

Bob Dylan has always seemed the most genuine figure in American culture but with this book, he finally gives us his true self.

Here’s the full list of the 10 people he believes are the most important:

A: In the 1960s, Dylan met Robert Zimmerman, a fellow artist who introduced him to the hippie ethos. Zimmerman’s family lived in the commune in Marin County where Dylan began his career as an “angel” singer.

B: Dylan’s marriage to Suze Rotolo went from a tumultuous affair, to a relationship of long distance to the point where Dylan was living at the time with Suze and their daughter, Dylan himself.

C: Dylan grew up in East Orange, New Jersey and later moved to New York City where he attended William Paterson University. His father was a police officer and his mother raised Dylan with his older sister and later with his mother and older sister. On his mother’s death, Dylan had to deal with the deaths of his sister and his father.

D: Dylan worked as a bookkeeper at a small record store in New York and began to receive rejections from record labels, which led him to write his first lyrics.

E: Dylan met poet Allen Ginsberg in 1964 and later joined him in his commune to write poetry

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