The Cincinnati Masters: Caroline Garcia

Borna Ćorić and Caroline Garcia both make history with title wins at the Cincinnati Masters; the first time an Italian female has won the event, while the first Latina winner. In the final round, it comes down to Caroline’s 4th leg, with Andrina Shuping playing the longest, and best.

Andrina plays the longest, but it is still just a small fraction of Andrina’s potential with two sets of 8. It is certainly not her fault that Andrina is not ready to win the tournament. After having played 6 sets today, Andrina lost to Caroline because she would have made her 7th straight set point in both of the first two sets. Her backhand just could not take the same pace that it has so often in the past.

Caroline Garcia is the only Latina winner in the men’s event. She’s also the 2nd Italian female to win the tournament, following the last winner, Beatrice Peyrache, more than two decades ago.

Beatrice Peyrache and Beatriz Barros also tie for the record with the longest final round at the Cincinnati Masters. While this is usually attributed to the two women playing simultaneously, the truth is that the two women play with slightly different styles.

Caroline has a few technical mistakes on her serve (lots of errors at the net), but most of the mistakes are around the court, where she has trouble controlling and using the ball. It isn’t necessarily the most efficient offense, but it is the most successful. Caroline serves very well on the backhand, while her forehand serves can be a little more powerful.

Caroline Garcia comes out with a little bit more confidence on her serve than other women do. She’s definitely more confident on her forehand, and she can use the extra power on her backhand. Caroline also has a bit more pace, and has had a lot more success on the return of serve, whereas Beatriz has mostly struggled with that aspect of the game.

Caroline Garcia also seems to be quite the tactical player. She’s had a couple errors when trying to win a tiebreaker, but she is never really given an opportunity to try to win at the critical moment. One good example comes in the quarterfinals when she’s up an set, 4-2. She has a double fault and is serving to love

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