The City Council Should Have a Plan to Rebuild the City

Editorial: Resign, Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo are the only three members of the City Council not up for re-election in November. We urge all our readers to consider voting for anyone who meets your principles, especially when there is the possibility that a vote will be cast by mail.

Since this city is all about principle and values, the council is the only body that would have the authority to remove the mayor from office or, at least, from appointing the city administrator if the mayor is unwilling to step down.

We are hopeful that the council will follow the lead of at least two of the three elected councilmembers; Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo — and vote ‘yes’ for Mayor Martinez and Councilmember Nury Martinez, respectively. The mayor should step down if he is unwilling to move out of the mayor’s office; the three councilmembers have the authority to remove the mayor from office, or appoint an interim mayor.

The removal of the mayor from office would immediately force the City Council to appoint an interim mayor to serve the balance of the year. That is a good thing, because we have received reports from the public that several thousand emails were sent to Council members via email that were critical, mean-spirited and even threatening. If more than one person was critical, the email could easily overwhelm the computer system. It is even more critical that all public information be sent via email so all can read or read them later.

We continue to support the council’s decision to appoint an interim mayor.

The City Council should have a plan to begin to implement the recommendations of the recently created Interim Commission on Fiscal Reform and Fiscal Accountability to the City Council.

The proposed plan would immediately begin to rebuild the city’s infrastructure and help it emerge from the economic crisis. It would help bring financial stability to the city. It would help build a sustainable city that doesn’t depend solely on tourism, for which we are losing population and tax base year after year.

It would be a model for the nation. But the reality

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