The City of Los Angeles Is in Trouble

Op-Ed: Clinging to old classics can go hand in hand with banning books

In my book, you can have some good things, like a free library, a public park, a well-appointed city with good schools, good doctors and, of course, a good city hall. And on the other hand there’s some terrible things, like the city council, the city manager, the police, the health department and all of their lackeys in the media, the Chamber of Commerce, the big business lobby and in this case, I’m sorry but if you’re talking about the media, the biggest business lobby in the country, I’ll give you one to rule them all.

All in all, it’s a pretty good place to work and a pretty decent community — I’ll just wait for my friends in California to tell me about their towns. I’d like to think I’ve helped my city a lot in the way of tourism. My friends and I get stopped in the street a lot and we know to look for the most scenic and interesting places to hang out in. The city is a big community and it should be well-balanced. That’s why we’ve fought so hard for a tax increase.

Now, with the budget coming down and the city manager looking for a scapegoat, we get an editorial in the local paper, calling for a tax increase. (See photo.) It’s a classic New York newspaper editorial, designed to play on the fear of people who don’t know much about cities but are fed up with having to pay taxes that go to pay for a big, bloated bureaucracy and to do it all under the guise of keeping the city running.

The city manager has been in the news lately for making one or two mistakes, as they say in the newspaper business. But here comes this editorial saying the mayor, the school superintendent and all of these other people need to be fired because they are making too much money over the tax levy fund. And they wonder why the city is in trouble so badly?

To me, this has to be the dumbest thing ever written in

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