The Constitution is a Living Document

Letters to the Editor: There’s an obvious solution to reining in the Supreme Court. The most pressing problem facing the country is that the current crop of justices is clearly not what the Founders and the Framers envisioned.

Some will say the Constitution is a “living document,” like a tree that should be trimmed with the same degree of attention to detail and sensitivity to context as the original. I don’t agree with that interpretation. We all know the Founders had their differences, yet they agreed on most of the foundational principles of our government, including the independence of the judiciary.

To be able to have our federal system work, we need to have an independent judiciary. The Constitution grants this function to the Supreme Court. Congress can remove it, it can assign the role to different courts, and there are three branches of government. However, they should not remove the fundamental role of the judiciary.

We all need to be concerned that the Supreme Court in the future will not act as the Constitution intended. I believe we must start by changing the name of the court to the “People’s Court.” We should also change the way the justices are appointed so that they may better represent the people.

As far as the Constitution’s role in education, I believe that education for all children should be the top priority, not the right to an education for their favorites. We also need to stop the use of taxpayer dollars for religious indoctrination, something the Court continues to subsidize with taxpayer dollars, when it shouldn’t.

All children should have access to quality education, a basic knowledge of the Constitution, and enough food, shelter, clothing, and safety for healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. Schools should teach the Constitution’s requirements and respect them. The rights and responsibilities in the Constitution should be enforced consistently throughout the public schools. It should be taught in every grade and taught to all adults.

My greatest hope for the future is that young people will look to leaders who follow through on promises, not those who promise to follow through on promises, no matter how ill-conceived they are.

This is a new year, and I hope that this will be the year of action, not words.

James L. Prenten

St. Elizabeth School District


Our children will be the most educated in history if we educate the

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