The Daily Beast Follows Venezuela

The Venezuelans left in limbo by new US immigration plan – The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast is following the events in Venezuela as they develop and we will provide our readers with essential information and commentary from the perspective of our reporting line.

The Daily Beast will also highlight issues, controversies, events and controversies which we believe warrant mainstream attention and that may not be covered in mainstream outlets.

The Daily Beast covers events and trends in major news markets, like Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States.

We will publish coverage of a wide variety of topics on our site, from the impact of the US-China trade war to corruption in Africa to the impact of President Donald Trump’s proposed American Health Care Act.

We follow Venezuela because it is an example of the kind of transformation that is taking place in Latin America as the region shifts away from authoritarian, neo-fascistic regimes like Cuba and Venezuela to more representative ones like Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia.

The Daily Beast is an independent, global media organization that focuses on the most important global events — the ones that shape our world and the one that might.

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