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Your guide to California’s Congressional District 41 race: Rep. Ken Calvert vs. Will Rollins

California’s Congressional District 41 has long been the district to watch – the seat has gone to an incumbent at every level of government, but has come down to the wire because of the presence of an insurgent challenger.

First elected to Congress in 2010, Rep. Ken Calvert is a progressive, with support from labor unions and other progressive groups. He came out strongly for President Obama’s healthcare reform and was considered a “yes” candidate on a ballot initiative limiting government power to spy on citizens’ communications.

Calvert received more than $700,000 in election spending from outside groups during his campaign and faces an energized opponent who has spent nearly $800,000 of his own money.

Rep. Will Rollins has not received a political donation since 2007, when he did not receive one from the president, and has been without outside help for much the entire campaign.

Rollins, a Marine Corps veteran, has worked in the private sector since 2003 and as a software developer since 2005. A lifelong Democrat, he made a pledge to make government work for the people, instead of the other way around. He has worked to increase trade relations between the United States and Vietnam, to defend net neutrality and has long voted for Democrats.

Rollins was only considered a “probable” or “lean” Democrat, and he only received a small amount of money in the final weeks of the campaign, in the form of fundraising letters sent to supporters. However, in California’s primary election, he received over $2,500 in donations, $1,100 of which was in the form of a one-time donation in the final weeks of the race. In addition, Rollins got $1,750 in contributions from other Democrats, including his campaign chair for the 2016 election and his chief of staff.

Rollins has the strong support of some members of the labor movement, such as the California Labor Federation and the California Nurses Association, but he has

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