The Democrats’ Impeachment Battle Is a Battle for the Senate

Op-Ed: No one really has any clue about what’s going to happen in the midterms

This was published in my daily e-mail newsletter called “The Buzz” last Saturday. As I was writing these articles yesterday, it struck me that the polls show a lot of people who are upset about the state of politics, but very few who are interested in doing anything about it. At the same time, the polls are showing that a majority of the country thinks that President Trump has been a very valuable president.

This column was written on December 8, 2018. The final numbers have not yet been tabulated by the news media, and the election is not yet over. The president will be sworn in on January 20 after the House of Representatives passed a $4.5 billion disaster aid bill to help victims of Hurricane Florence that includes $21 billion for Florida.

The Democrats’ midterm victory is the culmination of a five-year campaign to impeach Donald Trump. With only 17 House Republicans voting with the Democrats on articles of impeachment, the Democrats are certain to make good on their threat to remove the president from office.

The latest Washington Post/NBC News poll shows that a majority of Americans disagree with the president’s actions regarding the impeachment of a sitting president. In the face of this lack of support, the Democrats are now pushing to put their impeachment articles to a vote in the Senate, setting the stage for a battle to begin.

The impeachment “reign of terror” is one of the most absurd, manufactured political issues in modern times. We are now approaching the end of the first trimester of 2019—the most dangerous political season of the year.

Every U.S. president is subject to the same rules of impeachment as they are about to be sworn in. If the House impeaches President Trump, and the Senate votes to convict on two or more articles, he will be removed from office and face the possibility of jail time in the U.S.

Here’s my take on the most important issues of the year—the most important being this question: Will Democrats win in November and if they win, will they stand up to Trump and refuse to convict or remove him from office? Or will they surrender to

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