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Letters to the Editor: Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León

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Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León

Posted: Jun 8, 2018 | By John

I recently had the opportunity to speak with many Latinx communities to learn about their experiences and concerns.

The most common concern was the lack of support and resources from the DPD. The Latinx community is in a position where their basic needs for self-care, access to education and support to rebuild their communities are limited in the DPD. So they have to rely on their own resources to fight the racism and discrimination.

In addition to self-care needs the Latinx community also faces barriers when fighting the racism within their own communities because, as we have seen with the DACA and other immigration policies, many people who are of color are living in racialized communities.

The community of St. Johns, AZ has recently experienced this in their own way. When this community voted to allow sanctuary for illegal aliens as a condition for receiving public assistance, this led to increased public and safety concerns in the city, particularly with respect to the safety of children in their care. As a result, they were forced to make a difficult decision to shut down the city’s emergency department of the hospitals.

In response, several community members took on the role of leadership, calling for the end to “sanctuary cities,” and rallying their community to support the immigrant parents of children who were being treated in the emergency department.

This local story was also the catalyst for the St. Johns city council passing a resolution against sanctuary cities.

The same story was repeated in the City of Laredo, TX when they passed a resolution condemning the “sanctuary city” bill that limits the city’s ability to deal with crime and human trafficking in their community.

These communities had two choices: support the immigrants or let them be victims of racism. Both choose to continue to fight the oppression, fear and bias they face daily.

This is something that Latinx communities should be encouraged to do as well.

One of the most important and useful lessons to be learned from our community and our immigrant communities around the world is the importance of self-defense against oppression.

The DPD’s approach to immigrant communities in this country has included policies that have been extremely harmful and harmful. The D

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