The Man Who Met Lorie

Doug Emhoff is clear on his role as second gentleman to Lorie Van Auken. But he also insists that he’ll be the first gentleman. “She’ll be like, ‘Oh, now I have to go out and date someone tonight.’ Then I’ll say, ‘Naw, you’re a married woman.’”

He’ll have to explain the difference.

“She’s a beautiful, wonderful woman. I feel like I’m a dog who’s been kicked out,” he says. “Like, I won’t ever leave her.”

And yet Emhoff has not been kicked out. As soon as he was named second gentleman, Emhoff started to make friends with Lorie’s “people,” people who knew her as a dancer. “They thought I was her boyfriend,” Emhoff says with a laugh.

He started to go out on dates with them, the dates being as random as night and day, he says. One night he went to a baseball game with Lorie and Lorie’s friend Nancy. The next, he took his date, Ann Lewis, to a birthday party, where he drank four pints of beer at a barbecued hog and had a good time dancing with her at the party and then having a few drinks in his friend Joe’s car with him. And so on.

“It’s all me,” Emhoff says with a laugh.

But you’d never know it from his demeanor.

“I’m really laid back about it. I just don’t care,” he says. “I don’t care, because there’s no pressure. I don’t care.”

At some point, Emhoff went from being dating two or three women a month to dating more than half a dozen. He met some of them by chance. He met a woman in Boston who found him on Yelp, and he met another who was a Facebook friend of his ex-wife, who had dated

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