The N.F.L. owners’ meeting in L.A.

Here’s What Was on the Agenda for the N.F.L. Owners’ Meeting

It was an especially hectic day at the owners’ meeting in L.A. They met for the second time in as many weeks on Jan. 20 at the N.F.L. complex at Dove Valley.

On that day, owner Robert Kraft said in a statement for the first time that he thinks the owners’ meetings are unnecessary with the league having “the best offseason in league history.” He was emphatic that the owner-management group has done a “phenomenal job with this league” and expressed optimism that “no one would have been caught short.”

A statement from the league office said that the N.F.L. had agreed to go forward with an annual meeting for its owners “at a mutually agreed-upon time and location.”

The teams and staffs that make up the league committee agreed to meet jointly to create a document that would serve as the league’s constitution. The committee said the owners would vote on each of these four items in order of importance:

• Whether to allow the league to make a “take-over” of the N.F.L., bringing an ownership group into the league.

• Whether the N.F.L. should be authorized to negotiate with labor unions and other parties at the moment the owners approve of a takeover.

• How much revenue the N.F.L. should be allowed to generate.

• Whether or not to continue broadcasting games or use a new league-owned television network.

• Whether or not to eliminate the franchise draft and keep the current draft format of placing players on the 40-man roster.

• The name of the game.

The first three items are essentially a vote of confidence in the league-ownership group’s work. The fourth item is a toss-up, especially for the most part.

The owners were meeting in a hotel across the street from the N.F.L. complex. They had been scheduled to have their meeting Tuesday and Wednesday, but then they canceled their Wednesday meeting because one of the N.F.L. owners said he had a scheduling conflict — which would have been resolved quickly.

In that meeting, Kraft said he wasn’t “certain that the owners would vote for the

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