The Prostitute’s Story

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her boss. Now she’s working as a full-time, low-paying sex worker while awaiting her day in court to learn if she’ll be found guilty of sexual misconduct.

The last time I wrote about my work as a prostitute was in March, right in the middle of my first week of being hired to be a prostitute. If you remember that post, you know that I made a point of not mentioning my occupation that night because, to be honest, I was still terrified about what would happen if anyone saw me leaving the house early in the morning, taking the bus downtown.

The next night, I was nervous about the same thing, only this time I would be leaving the house late at night. I had made the decision to go into work and then leave the house in preparation for my first, and probably only, client that night.

I walked into the room I was to work at by myself and sat down on the bed. I thought I would check on the girl I was supposed to be taking care of for the night while she slept — or as she would say, passed out. I opened the girl’s bag and went to work.

I sat down on the floor and checked her wallet and all the money that was in it for the first few minutes because I did not want anyone to think I was robbing her. Then I checked her address book and her phone. I took the phone out of her pocket and put it back in her purse.

I got up off the floor and went to find another girl to take care of while she slept. I knew that this would be the last time I’d be working in this particular type of work because I had no idea how long the house would continue to pay me a few cents a hour.

When I got back to the girl, she was already asleep. She had a small, plastic-covered bottle of booze sitting on the nightstand next to one

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