The Queen of Kenya is demanding the diamond back

Royal gift or ‘stolen’ gem? Calls for UK to return 500 carat Great Star of Africa diamond to Queen

It is alleged a British company “stole” a star from the Great Star of Africa, at the time a king’s crown jewel.

The jewel, created in the 18th century by the African Emperor, is now held in the crown jewels of Africa’s Queen.

The diamond was sold by the company to the British Crown back in 2008.

The Queen has demanded the crown jewel back, saying she has “no option” but to return it.

The diamond, weighing a staggering 500 carats, was a royal gift from the African Emperor. It was part of a collection of the monarch’s own jewels.

The star was stolen from the Emperor by a London diamond dealer named Peter Salter in the 1980s.

But when the Government of Kenya attempted to reclaim the diamond, it was denied the return, which the public were told was’stolen’ by Salter.

The Royal Mint has since then, tried to find the diamond in the Kenyan civil registry, but was unsuccessful.

And while the Government of Kenya is now threatening to file a case with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) unless the star is returned to the Queen, the diamond appears to be “lost”.

Now the diamond is in a private collection in London.

This gem was created by African Emperor, king of kings from 1838-1861.

The star, which stands at 1.15 carats, or 0.0066 cts. Ounce, may have been the only diamond in the world of 18-carat or more which was created by African Emperor.

It is now held in the crown jewels of Kenya’s Queen Elizabeth II.

This gem is regarded to be the largest diamond in the world. It is believed to weigh some 500 carats, according to a report in The Times of London. And it was given by Emperor Tungwane, the king of kings from 1838 until his death in 1861.

The queen does not think that the star should remain in Kenya as it will tarnish the country’s image. The diamond will be returned to London, and the queen will give it

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