The Seattle Reign Football Club’s Off-Foot Performance Investigation Was Dropped

Probe finds emotional abuse, sexual misconduct in NWSL were systemic under former coach

By Kevin Gildea

March 24, 2018 ” Information Clearing House ” – The Seattle Reign FC is now facing the wrath of the Seattle Sports Commission and its investigators for their unwillingness to investigate the Seattle Reign’s on-field performance or to fully investigate the allegations against the club’s former head coach, Peter DeBoer. Now, the Seattle Times reports that the investigation has been dropped, apparently because the commission believes that it is more important to protect DeBoer. From the report:

A source familiar with the inquiry said the investigation was dropped because of the potential for a conflict of interest for the Seattle Reign Football Club when its executive vice president is a former employee and a close family friend of the man leading the sport-investigation team appointed to examine the club’s on-field performance.

The source said the investigation of the Seattle Reign Football Club’s off-field problems in the National Women’s Soccer League was dropped because the sport’s investigation team may have been too close to the former head coach.

Well, that is certainly an interesting conclusion. First of all, we have to wonder if the investigation was so close to DeBoer that it actually began prior to when the Reign FC began playing in the NWSL. That would be troubling indeed. That being the case, it appears the Seattle Sports Commission did not follow the same investigative procedures that they would follow had their investigation been more concerned about the Reign FC’s performance, the on-field behavior of DeBoer and the allegations against him.

Furthermore, since the Seattle Sports Commission can only investigate one side of an issue, the Seattle Times was then able to report that on-field performance and the allegations against DeBoer were not being investigated.

From the report:

The Seattle Times found that the investigation into the Reign’s behavior in

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