The top education policy wonk is getting a new job

Randi Weingarten is bad for kids, it’s the economy, stupid, and more from Fox News Opinion. “She is so far-left she almost lost a campaign for governor of California, so far-left that she was even compared to a terrorist,” Obama and Biden said in a joint fundraising appeal at the time. “She is dangerous to the children of America.”

Today, as the nation’s top education policy wonk is getting a new job, President Obama is working to keep a potential opponent at bay, one who once called for the government to seize control of local school systems and turn them socialist.

Weingarten, the wife of a top Obama fundraiser, is on the short list for the top education job in Obama’s administration, according to sources on the White House. The job is the first of two presidential appointments to be announced this morning — and would join the heads of the Department of Education or other federal agencies. It’s already being floated as a “cultural ambassador.”

The job is to help lead the administration in its fight for expanded charter schools, which Obama said have the “potential to be a game-changer for our society and the economy, including giving parents greater influence in their children’s education.”

The job comes from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He will serve until December, filling the role for the next school year. No other candidates were mentioned as possible candidates, but weingarten is certainly not off the radar.

There’s no doubt about the job’s importance, but her resume is a mess. In her 25 years as a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, she was the chief academic officer, director of research and director of university relations. In between, she was the director of the Center for California Studies at UC Berkeley.

She left the government in the early 2000s and started an environmental lobbying firm, with money from the UC system. She spent a few years as a consultant for BP, and worked in a series of nonprofit jobs. She served as a paid lobbyist to the American Council on Education, a Washington-based advocacy group.

Weingarten is also well known as someone who has helped steer a liberal Democratic party who is hostile to the Bush administration. She worked with Bill Clinton (in 2000) and George W. Bush (in 2003). Bush appointed her as director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at the Interior Department.

Her husband, Dan

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