The Vote for the Vote

Calmes: The Jan. 6 committee did the country proud but it hasn’t changed our calcified politics.

The country we live in is what gives us the ability to be so arrogant. We have a lot of problems but we are all able to overcome them and I do believe it’s the people we’ve been able to attract to our country that have been able to allow us to rise to the occasion.

I would like to thank our committee for a job well done and to let us know again that you are truly appreciated.

While we should not take this victory for granted our task ahead is quite the opposite. We must keep pushing until every man, woman, and child in every community and state becomes a voter.

I believe that if we can continue the dialogue on the issues that continue to rise as our country tries to find its way to our shared future we can make the impossible possible. With this in mind I thank you again for continuing to work with us and we look forward to working together to make 2013 a great year for the people of this great nation.

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