The Woman Who Killed Her Husband

Phil Spector killed her. The press tarred her. Her mother wants to ‘set the story straight’ and speak about Spector’s ‘love for his daughter,’ and how even after his death, ‘he would never speak of it. He would never speak of his daughter being unfaithful.’ As for her, she now believes Spector ‘had a wife and children in Lubbock.’

When I asked her later how she felt about her first marriage, she said she had always been married to him once—but in her late teens, when she was living with him in Lubbock, and he was visiting her parents in Dallas. She would later learn he had lied about that relationship, and that he had been having an affair with a woman in Austin. But somehow, some way, he would find the energy to do something with it. She learned that he’d had affairs with other women in town. When she learned he was involved with an older woman in Austin, she became convinced he meant to kill her. That night they met in Austin. They did not go to Lubbock.

Lori didn’t want to go to Lubbock, even though she knew if she did, she would lose her son. She was afraid of going back to Lubbock, where she knew for sure he would tell everyone about their secret. He didn’t have to come back. And he didn’t.

Now, even though he has a trial date, I ask Lori what she thinks should happen. She says she thinks he should be punished. She says she has no problem with him, he has always been the loving father to her son—but that he betrayed her, betrayed the family, and now she does not trust him. The world will never forgive him. She does not want any of them to suffer. Her son must live with that, but more than that, her daughter will, as well.

I ask Lori if she has a message for the person who killed her husband. She says she sent her grandson, her son by her first husband,

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