The World Should Blow Qatar Out of the World Cup

Paris joins big screen boycott of World Cup games from Qatar

By Peter Beynon

29 July 2018

The world has been asked twice to boycott four World Cup games, this time in the United Arab Emirates. Qatar’s participation in the World Cup is now being discussed as an issue of public concern in the United Kingdom and across Europe. These boycott calls follow the recent decision by Fifa to relocate the World Cup from its original venue in Brazil to Qatar.

The moves come in the wake of Qatar’s decision to cancel the World Cup and cancel the 2022 World Cup. It is now being suggested that the game being played in January cannot be allowed to happen at all. This makes no sense.

The argument made by campaigners is that an event such as the 2022 World Cup should not depend on the generosity of a country whose government is attempting to drive a wedge between the people of Europe and the United States.

A World Cup must be for the whole world, regardless of those who sit on the other side of the Atlantic. It is a sporting event where the countries involved receive tens of millions of pounds from the sport’s governing body.

The World Cup is supposed to showcase international culture as a way of breaking down barriers among the peoples of the world.

“It is time for the world to come together and boycott Qatar,” said Amnesty International (Amnesty International UK).

“What we are seeing now is a growing and worrying pattern of abuse of human rights and an increase in rights abuses by some of the key sponsors of the World Cup. Qatar is taking part in the greatest sporting event the world has ever seen because it is offering its people a way to escape from the terrible human rights abuses and poverty that is widespread in much of the Arab world.”

“The world needs to send a clear message to Qatar that its actions have no place in a modern sporting event such as the Olympics or the World Cup and that Qatar’s actions and continued support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups run counter to what our whole country stands for,” noted Amnesty’s UK Executive Director, Kate Allen.

Qatar has long been associated with terrorism. The emirate has been accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

In 2010, the Qatar government

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