Trump’s proposed regulation could weaken California’s ability to control its own oil production

Oil giants sell thousands of California wells, raising worries about future liability

This story is based on interviews with many of the state’s major petroleum companies.

The Trump administration’s effort to get American oil producers to reduce their carbon emissions is unlikely to have much effect on global markets, according to analysts and oil company executives.

While President Donald Trump’s proposed administration regulation would not ban domestic oil and gas operations, it would give the United States much broader influence over carbon emissions and would allow Trump to threaten a national effort to reduce carbon emissions in the oil and gas producing sectors.

On the campaign trail, Trump proposed to stop the production of oil and gas from all federal lands, including offshore areas off the coasts of California, New Mexico and Canada. But his administration has not been able to put together a plan to prevent California from taking over much of the U.S. offshore drilling rights.

That means there is little risk for the oil industry in Washington.

“We see it as a non-issue. They can’t do anything with our resources. They have no authority, so if it were proposed, they’d have to deny it,” said Dan Brouillette, vice president for the Western Fuels Association, a group representing U.S. oil companies in oil-producing countries, while in a meeting in Washington last week.

The Trump administration has already signaled its intent to try to use the newly proposed regulation, if it comes to pass, to weaken California’s ability to control its own oil production.

“The federal government will be looking to try to weaken state regulation with the proposed rule,” said Jennifer Williams, executive director of the Center for Environmental Policy Studies, which advocates for greater protections from carbon emissions in the air.

“The federal government has the power to regulate, but the states have the power to determine how, when and where energy is produced,” Williams said.

Trump and congressional Republicans tried to repeal California’s landmark climate change law, AB32, as part of their health care plan a year ago. Their

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