Trump’s Special Prosecutor Should Be Fired

Letters to the Editor: It isn’t just Fox News. The media never could take their eyes off Donald Trump. The real story is how the media continue to ignore and not question the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

It is no accident Mueller has been able to uncover criminal acts at the highest levels of the Trump administration that are totally unacceptable and should be charged with crimes.

Just this week, we learned that Trump knew in advance the Russia investigation was coming and had talked about firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump refused to fire Sessions, and Sessions, who had been critical of Trump’s conduct toward Russia and his relationship with Russia’s president, said he would stay on as Attorney General.

We also learned that Trump dictated his first call with Russian President Vladimir Putin in which he complained about the special prosecutor. Trump, and no one else, should have been fired.

Since then, nothing in the Mueller report indicates any improper links between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians during the campaign. No evidence that Trump sought to obstruct the probe.

The report is silent about whether Trump obstructed justice. There are no charges that Trump committed felonies. Yet his Justice Department has gone to court to block Congress from launching civil suits against his associates. His Justice Department has refused to turn over their tax returns to the House and Senate.

The Mueller report is silent on whether Trump obstructed justice, and on why he did not fire the special prosecutor in the first place.

The Mueller report is silent on Trump’s and associates’ business conduct. We don’t know whether collusion was a crime before the election. Now that it is clear collusion took place, it’s an obvious prosecutable case.

The fact is the media continue to ignore and obfuscate the actual charges outlined in Mueller’s report.

They do this so as not to get in the way of a political agenda.

The Mueller report

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