Why We Should Focus On Anne Hathaway’s Failures

James Corden is out, Anne Hathaway is in. But the biggest hypocrite is us. Anne Hathaway is the star of her own film, Hathaway. Not only do we love Anne with our two eyes, but also with our two ears. And yet, we watch Anne’s life unfold through a fictional construct called Hathaway.

This was supposed to be Anne’s story, or at least an extension of her story, or at least a part of her story. But when it actually comes out in September, it’s one she was supposed to have left behind some time ago.

So, instead of focusing on her successes, we’re supposed to focus on her failures? This isn’t the first time we’ve had a bit of a problem with Hathaway. Remember The Other Woman? Well, we’ve had a problem with the very existence of Anne Hathaway’s latest.

It all began last fall when the New York Times announced that Anne Hathaway had been cast in a new film, The Blind Side, for Warner Brothers. This was a bit of a shock to Anne, since The Blind Side was about to have a run on Broadway. There was even talk of an Anne Hathaway film being produced.

The film’s producers, and director, Spike Lee were happy to capitalize on Anne’s star power. And thus, Hathaway went from a Broadway story to a summer blockbuster.

And then, as her reputation continued to grow, the film’s trailers began to focus on her failings. They focused not on her success, but on her failures. There were posters with her face on them, with negative messages such as, “Failure is not an option; failure is an option.”

And the message could be seen on the film trailer. Not only were there negative portrayals of Anne, but also negative portrayals of her life. There were people in the trailer who made negative comments

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