Yellowstone By-Pass to reopen

Yellowstone Reopens a Key Gateway After Devastating June Flooding

The National Park Service will re-open a key gateway and one of the most visited scenic attractions in the nation on Wednesday, as officials prepare to reopen more than a hundred miles of trails to the public.

Yellowstone is one of the few national parks to have not only a national road, but another one that connects the park with the other parks of the area. The park road is Yellowstone By-Pass, which is a popular tourist route to and from the park for carpoolers and other travelers.

This time, the By-Pass, or the “Yellowstone Bypass” as they call it, is much less traveled. But it’s a critical piece of the park system. Yellowstone is so large that it’s impossible to get to all the different areas.

“In the short term we’re trying to get that bypass closed and cleared. We’re hoping to reopen the Yellowstone By-Pass starting tonight. We’re hoping to be able to open Yellowstone again by Christmas or Christmas,” Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk told NPR’s Rachel Martin in an interview last week.

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Wenk says the bypass will be done with the help of contractors and will cost $16 million.

After the park reopens, the bypass will be closed for a little over a week. Yellowstone By-Pass is currently closed to all traffic, but the contractors will be working on rebuilding the roads before people travel the bypass.

It should take roughly a week before they can start making the roads safe and open to traffic again.

That’s not a long wait.

“It’s just a matter of hours for that bypass to reopen,” Wenk says. “Hopefully, it will be open by Christmas.”

Wenk says that his staff has already been through the process of making the bypass safe and ready to reopen.

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